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Hillsdale High School Academic/Counseling Department

The Hillsdale High School Academic and Counseling Department welcomes you. The policy of this office is “open door”. Students and parents are always welcome. It is our goal to provide services to all students and their families as needed, and to be advocates for students.

“Student Support”

“Meet the Staff”

Karen Rozelle and Sue Postle are the School Success Workers at Hillsdale High School and Horizon Alternative School. With education and licensing in counseling and social work, Karen and Sue help to meet students’ academic and non-academic needs. Their primary responsibility is to ensure students have the confidence, tools, and abilities to experience personal and academic success. School Success Workers strive to help students, families, and teachers address barriers to achievement. Having assigned professional staff in the school to help students structure, organize, and process the ebbs and flows of the high school experience has been a wonderful addition to HHS and Horizon over the past six years. 

Karen and Sue spend their days working with students individually, offering ways for students to connect with one another, and linking students to community resources. Sue spends part of her time working to build a welcoming environment for all students. From hosting both the Knitting and Book Club, to organizing the Freshman Mentor Program, Sue creates opportunities for students to build positive relationships to improve the climate and culture of HHS. Karen serves as the HHS and Horizon McKinney Vento Coordinator (for homeless students) and connects students and families to resources in the community. She coordinates food donations for families for the holidays and hosts a holiday shopping bazaar to help with gift giving for those in our Hornet family. Additionally, Karen offers a supply of prom dresses, coats, and other necessary items available throughout the school year. Sue and Karen are present and interact with students during the course of each day. Having classroom offices integrates our Success Workers into the hallways of the school, which makes them readily accessible to students' needs. Our students have benefited greatly from having Karen and Sue serving as advocates as well as being a vital link between a student’s school, home, and the community.