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Freshmen Mentor Program

The Freshman Mentor Program provides each freshman with a supportive environment that helps ease his or her adjustment from junior high to high school.

The FMP program provides each freshman with:

  • A freshman advisory that meets during the freshman’s lunch hour.
  • A support group in each advisory that consists of student advisors, a faculty advisor, and an academic counselor.
  • An ongoing orientation to high school that enables students to become familiar with its physical layout, policies, procedures, programs, traditions, and personnel.
  • A comfortable environment that allows the student to relax during his/her demanding day.
  • Frequent monitoring of academic progress through individual discussions with a faculty advisor and a counselor.
  • A mechanism for increasing students awareness regarding academic and co-curricular opportunities.
  • An opportunity to participate in study teams and/or have access to tutorial assistance.
  • Articulation of his/her Freshman goals for high school.

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