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All Conference Region State

Cross Country State Runner Up 2008
All-State 2008
Joe McAvoy (6th Place) 15:51.1
Lyle Kafer (20th Place)16:16.1
Mike Borton 16:36.5
Sebastian Reisch 16:38.1
Elijah Batchelor  16:41.3
Korey Caulkins 16:59.1
Casey Allen 18:12.4

Hilary Kast (16th Place) 19:10.1 Sophomore All-State 2008
Mackenzie Hill 19:58.1 *new personal best (52nd out of 241 state qualifiers)

2008 Cross Country Regional Champions

1st Team All-Region 2008
Joe McAvoy (2nd Place)
Lyle Kafer (5th Place)
Sebastian Reisch (6th Place)
2nd Team All-Region 2008
Elihah Batchelor (12th Place)
Mike Borton (14th Place)
SMAA Conference Champions 2008
1st Team All-Conference 2008
Joe McAvoy (2nd Place)
Sebastian Reisch (6th Place)
Lyle Kafer (7th Place)
2nd Team All-Conference
Elijah Batchelor (8th Place)
Mike Borton (11th Place)
Korey Caulkins (12th Place)

2007 Men's Cross Country SMAA Conference Champions

All-Conference 2007
Joe McAvoy (3rd Consecutive Year)
Sebastian Reisch (2nd Consecutive Year)
Lyle Kafer
Mike Borton
Audrey Pastula (4th Consecutive Year)
Hillary Kast
All-Regional 2007
Joe McAvoy (3rd Consecutive Year)
Sebastian Reisch
Lyle Kafer
Audrey Pastula (3rd Consecutive Year) CHAMP!
All-State 2007
Joe McAvoy 
Audrey Pastula (2nd Consecutive Year)